Polyferric Sulfate / PFS

Appearance: Powder

Package: 25kg/bag

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Polyferric Sulfate/ PFS

Polyferric Sulfate/ PFS is widely used in the purification of drinking water, industrial circulating water,

chemical petroleum, mining, papermaking, brewing, iron and steel, coal gas, paint, leather, pharmaceutical,

food, electroplating, industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, sludge treatment.


  • Good Flocculability:

    Polyferric sulfate is a composite polymer, the large molecular structure realizes strong adsorption capacity.
    Water purification effect is better than the traditional inorganic water purification agent.

  • Non-toxic and harmless

    Without Aluminum, chlorine, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances,

    there is no water phase transfer of the iron ion, perform excellent water purification effect.

  • High Settlement Speed

    Excellent flocculation performance, flocculus is dense, can be settled quickly.

  • Good Purification

    Can removal most of the color, oil, algae, odor, germ, COD, BOD, and the heavy metal ion.

  • Adaptability is strong.

    The PH range of the adaptive water body is 4-11, the optimal PH range is 6-9,

    after purification, the PH value of the raw water compared with the total alkalinity changes minimally,

that will lower the corrosion to the treatment equipment.

ItemStandard GB14591-93(II)
Reducing Matter %≤0.15
Base degree %9.0-14.0
PH (1% liquid)2.0-3.0
As %≤0.0008
Pb %≤0.0015
Insoluble Content %≤0.5


Drinking Water Field:

Polymeric ferric sulfate can effectively reduce AL and remove bacteria, turbidity, color and other problems caused by corrosion of water supply pipeline.

Printing and dyeing wastewater field:

Polyferric sulfate can replace the coagulant of the traditional molecular iron salt and AL salt. The traditional coagulant with low coagulating efficiency, their residue of chloride ion is easy to cause secondary pollution. Now the assumption of polyferric sulfate is small, and the removal rate of chroma is high.

Electroplating Wastewater:

  It can be used as coagulant and chelating agent, the chelating agent is mainly copper-ammonia complex, its property is stable, When PH=11, it is difficult to precipitate directly with alkali, polyaluminum and other coagulants, and can also be used as reclaimed water for reuse.

Papermaking Wastewater:

  It can be used as coagulant instead of polyaluminum chloride and aluminum sulfate, and can be used as dewatering of papermaking sludge to achieve rapid flocculation.

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