Polyacrylamide / PAM

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Polyacrylamide / PAM

Characteristics of Polyacrylamide / PAM:
  • Flocculation: PAM can make suspension through electric neutralization, bridging adsorption, flocculation.
  • Adhesiveness: the ability to bind by mechanical, physical, or chemical action.
  • Drag reduction: PAM can effectively reduce the friction resistance of the fluid, adding a small amount of PAM in water can reduce the resistance 50-80.
  • Thickening property: PAM has a thickening effect in neutral and acidic conditions.  When PH value is above 10, PAM is hydrolyzed easily and becomes a semi-reticular structure, the thickening will be more obvious.

Widely used in the purification of drinking water, industrial circulating water, chemical petroleum, mining,
papermaking, brewing, iron and steel, coal gas, paint, leather, pharmaceutical, food,
electroplating, industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, and sludge treatment.
Metallurgical sewage                             Aluminum profile wastewater
Municipal Wastewater                        Stone Wastewater
Pharmaceutical Wastewater                   Papermaking Wastewater